Lange RX 110 Low Volume

Lange RX 110 Low Volume

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Flex: 110

Volume:  Låg Volume

Läst: 97mm

Gåläge: Nej


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2000 g/pjäxa (storlek 24,5)


Lange’s new ”power injection” method allows the simultaneous injection of two different durometers of plastic at the exact same time. This unique mono-injection process allows targeted power transmission and shell wrapping; and creates our DUAL CORE sandwich construction throughout the shell, resulting in livelier rebound, response, and total control through the turn.


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Built from the chassis of the redesigned RS, the all-new RX 110 W LV offers a racing pedigree with enhanced women-specific features and a new, more inclusive fit. Our new Dual Core shell construction and Dual 3D liner integrate perfectly, ensuring unparalleled foot-wrapping, precision, and power transmission. The new RX specific fit retains Lange’s strong heel lock and foot hold with more instant ”out-of-the-box” comfort.


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