Dynafit Hoji Limited Edition

Dynafit Hoji Limited Edition

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Dynafit Hoji Limited Edition

Dynafit Hoji Limited Edition


There has hardly been another Pro Freerider like Hoji. He not only possesses an extraordinary talent when it comes to skiing, he is also totally obsessed with tweaking and refining over and over gear for his adventures. In doing so, he is constantly trying to craft a new solution. Solution oriented, that’s too how Fritz works. He is the “Gyro Gearloose” of Donald Duck cartoon fame when it comes to ski touring — an inventor and tinkerer truly by the book. Together with his binding gang, he set a new global standard in the sport of ski touring with the invention of the Low Tech Pin Binding. In the process, he held true to his motto: “Laziness is the foundation of progress. The art of paring back. Low Tech instead of High Tech.”


This quite disparate but congenial duo was then complemented by the footwear specialists at DYNAFIT. And this was the constellation that resulted in the development of the Hoji Boot.


HOJI LOCK SYSTEM: This closure system, operated with just one quick motion of the hand at the heel of the boot, starts the inner workings of the system. With that, two pins, one each to the left and the right of the heel, are pushed together like a tongue and groove and thus create one unit of the upper and shell. The Hoji Lock System results in the boot remaining flexible on the climb like a traditional ski touring boot, but then on the descent as rigid as a purebred alpine ski boot. The interaction between cuff and shell with the body position on the descent, which often occurs with ski touring boots, is now simply a thing of the past.


But it is not only the patent-pending HOJI LOCK SYSTEM that makes the Hoji Boot the first choice for ski touring enthusiasts. Below, you will find all of the important details:


– Progressive forward flex 120 


– 55 degrees cuff rotation and the V-shaped tongue give maximum freedom of movement, flexibility and comfort on the climb.

– 11 degrees of forward lean lend unconditional downhill performance.

– Speed Nose: A minimal toe plus a setback pivot point.

– Cramp-in System: Salewa hook technology for attaching the lightest crampons in the world.


The Hoji Boot is available at retail for both men and women as of Winter 2018-19, each in two versions.

HOJI PRO TOUR Women’s and Men’s:

  • Shell: Grilamid®
  • Cuff: Grilamid® loaded with glass fibers
  • Spoiler: Grilamid®

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