Burton Genie No Color

Burton Genie No Color

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Burton Genie No Color

No, a genie won’t pop out and teach you how to ride, but this board will grant your wish to cruise the hill with confidence. Hands down the easiest women’s board out there, the Burton Genie is perfect for aspiring riders looking to build a foundation before moving on to a more performance-oriented option such as the Feather. Like stepping on a magic carpet, the Burton Genie No Color silences your fears, magically teaching balance and board control from the first time you strap in. Easy Bevel combines a soft, mellow flex with a convex base for a virtually-catch free riding experience, while Flat Top™ and a true twin shape provide a stable platform that’s effortlessly maneuverable no matter which way you point it. The Channel® mounting system gives you the easiest, most adjustable setup with bindings from all major brands (not just Burton’s).

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